Posted November 10, 2016

Larson issues forklift lighting white paper

Paper details benefits of blue LED warning lights in reducing forklift accidents.

According to Bluespot, roughly 19,000 forklift/pedestrian accidents occur annually, with 36 percent of the accidents involving someone other than the operator or driver.

In busy work environments, everyone around forklifts are at risk of getting ran over or crushed by the large vessels. Today’s forklifts are equipped with sensors and alarms that can prevent fatal collisions.

But sometimes those safety mechanisms fail to provide nearby pedestrians with enough time to move out of harm’s way.

Installing blue LEDs on forklifts could help increase safety during operation. The lights are designed to provide visual notifications for workers approaching or working around the vessel. Compared to audio-based warning systems, blue LED lights are very effective in loud environments, such as warehouses and processing plants.

Want to learn more about blue LED applications? Check out this white paper that explains how these lights work and how you can use them to boost forklift safety, compliance and productivity: Application of Blue LEDs in Forklift Safety.