Posted November 16, 2016

Introducing The Euclid Group: A world leader in construction chemicals

Rebranding combines major industry brands under one roof.

The Euclid Group unites several of the world’s leading construction chemicals brands.
The principle brands that will come together include Euclid Chemical, Eucomex, Toxement, Cave, Viapol, Flowcrete and RPM Belgium Vandex.

The formation of the new Group creates an advanced manufacturer of smart building solutions with strategically located infrastructure and offices around the world.

The Group’s combined product portfolio positions it as a leading supplier to the global construction and engineering industry.

Brands without a foothold in particular regions will be able to leverage the Group’s global infrastructure to rapidly introduce product lines into new markets.

The Euclid Group will be comprised of 34 plants, over 2,100 worldwide employees and a sales presence in 55 countries.

The Euclid Group has announced its formation by joining several RPM International Inc. subsidiaries in business together, with the predominant operating companies being Euclid Chemical, Eucomex, Toxement, Cave, Viapol, Flowcrete, RPM Belgium and Vandex.

A manufacturer of specialty chemicals and smart building solutions, The Euclid Group is ideally positioned to supply the global construction, structural and civil engineering industries with innovative, high quality and future-proof materials.

The newly appointed President of The Euclid Group, Mark Greaves, said: “The Euclid Group is a powerful union of some of the world’s most trusted chemical and coatings technology brands. The complementary technologies and geographies of the businesses ensure that clients, wherever they are located, have access to its comprehensive product offering.”

“Combining so many leading brands into The Euclid Group has created a unique business that encapsulates not only an unrivalled collection of high performance products, but also more than a century of industry knowledge and a vast wealth of experience across the globe. ”

Each of the operating businesses will sit equally under The Euclid Group umbrella but will now also be able to manufacture and supply additional construction chemical solutions according to local demand and production capabilities.

In total, The Euclid Group will consist of 34 manufacturing facilities in 14 countries, a sales presence in 55 countries and more than 2,100 members of staff. The enhanced capabilities of this combined global infrastructure positions The Euclid Group as one of the world’s foremost construction chemicals companies.

This structure will enable brands to generate mutual growth by leveraging existing market position, selling channels and brand recognition to promote new brands and new products in new places.

The global coverage of systems combined with localized expertise provides clients with an understanding of international best practice, the ability to ensure consistency that spans continents alongside a consideration for regional details.

The combined portfolio of the new Group includes: concrete admixtures; chemical fibers; construction products; mining & tunneling products; specialty polymer flooring; grouts & leveling compounds; parking deck coatings; and decorative concrete.

The Euclid Group’s complete product offering means that architects and developers will benefit from a single source for construction chemical components. Whether it is the structural fibers in the concrete, the antimicrobial floor underfoot, the waterproof deck or concrete enhancing admixtures - The Euclid Group will be able to supply the most critical elements of any commercial or industrial development.

Within the rapidly growing global construction chemicals market, which is set to be worth more than USD 40 billion by 2020, The Euclid Group represents a progressive, dynamic solution provider tailored to take on the industry’s future challenges. This forward-looking perspective is exemplified by The Euclid Group’s commitment to providing the construction industry with sustainable solutions designed to reduce the sector’s environmental impact.

The Euclid Group will operate as part of the RPM Performance Coatings Group, a subsidiary of RPM International Inc.