Posted November 16, 2016

Labor shortages prompt builders to try prefab

Major homebuilders use prefab components to ease worker shortfall.

Some of the nation’s largest homebuilders are turning to factory-made housing in response to an ongoing shortage of construction workers across the country.

KB Home recently debuted a model home that featured pre-fabricated portions that were later for assembled onsite. The house includes an energy-efficient kitchen as well as a rotating audiovisual wall (for watching media or video-conferencing) between two rooms. Since much of the home was created in a factory, KB Home required fewer workers in the field for the home’s construction.

“Other [industries] have been able to utilize these same techniques,” says Dan Bridleman, senior vice president for sustainability, technology and strategic sourcing at KB Home. “Ultimately this is about cost, it’s about efficiency, and it’s about speed.”

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Source: National Association of Realtors