Posted November 16, 2016

Larson publishes UL 1640 white paper

Understanding and explaining the UL 1640 standard to contractors.

What does UL 1640 mean for you? Today’s portable power distribution systems vary in configuration, specs and features.

As a buyer, how do you know what you’re getting is reliable; and most importantly, won’t blow up or breakdown after a few weeks? UL 1640 is a standard created by Underwriter Laboratories (UL), which provides recommendations for manufacturers to ensure that the unit actively meets the design, assembly and safety measures of the applicable location.

So when you see a UL 1640 marking on a portable power distribution unit (PDU), you can be sure that it has passed rigorous inspection from UL regulators. That’s peace of mind for you, your family and employees working around the PDU.

Understanding the applications of UL 1640 is an effective way to safeguard yourself from low-quality PDUs on the market today. To learn more about UL 1640, check out this white paper: UL 1640 and Power Distribution System Applications

In case you were wondering, Larson Electronics is a UL 1640 certified panel shop. This means that our PDUs with UL 1640 markings comply with the latest UL standards for power distribution panels. This level of certification showcases our best interest in providing customers with PDUs that exceed their demands and expectations.

Click here to download the white paper.

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