Posted December 14, 2016

Arrow Fastener unveils new interactive website

Site matches tools to project needs, delivers how-to advice and new ideas.

Arrow Fastener Company, the creator of the iconic T50 stapler, invites you to explore its all-new interactive website highlighting its user-friendly, smart tools and introducing everyday project ideas to a new generation of construction pros and do-it-yourselfers (DIYers).

“The new site focuses on the projects and products it takes to tackle and complete a variety of simple home improvements,” said Bill Sokol, Vice President, Marketing. “The goal is to have be a destination site for project know-how and tool tips.”

With the launch of the website, Arrow Fastener can deliver consumers to retailers’ doors. “Try out the ‘Buy Now’ button on any product, and you’ll see how easily we can direct shoppers to our online retail partner sites,” added Sokol.

The new website has been designed to provide the ultimate user-friendly experience with improved navigation and search functionality, allowing customers to access detailed product – and project – information and videos with the option to share across all major social networking sites. The site is fully responsive to ensure visitors have a user friendly experience across their mobile devices, desktops and laptops.

The site includes extensive product information to help customers understand Arrow’s complete range of solutions, including technical data, videos and project case studies. The ‘Awesome’ section of the site links users to Arrow’s social media activity so they can be connected to the latest company and industry news, while Arrow’s homemade videos show tools in action.

Within the confines of the site, customers can head over to the ‘Projects’ tab to browse project ideas and learn helpful tips and tricks, and pick-up skills from other DIYers and industry pros.

Content like tutorials and DIY tips will be continuously added to the site under the dedicated projects section so that there is always new information from a variety of pros and DIYers. The company also solicited help from DIY bloggers to demonstrate simple, DIY projects and crafts, as well as the tools they use.

New projects and ideas for seasonal crafts and practical tips will be added to the site on an ongoing basis. All users can share their projects via Pinterest or Facebook. In order to stay connected with Arrow, the user can subscribe to and follow various social media channels to stay up to date on any new and useful developments.

“Simpler, better, smarter. Arrow is more than just a functional tool company. We are a go-to source for project help for our customers,” said Sokol. “The Arrow brand has one of the strongest unaided brand awareness of any stapling brand. Our new site will continue to build on that strength to keep the Arrow brand relevant for the future.”

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