Posted January 31, 2017

Blogs: Brent Grover discusses profitable growth

Interview explored frequently overlooked and unexplored profit opportunities in distribution businesses.

Brent Grover, principal of Evergreen Consulting and STAFDA's profitability consultant, recently participated in the  Innovate for The Future event and a podcast on how distributors are missing opportunites for profits in their businesses. Some of the podcast focuses on strategic pricing but other disciplines are also discussed.

"It seems like most distributors truly don’t see the real profit potential of their company," Grover says. "They see other distributors earning more than a 20% pre-tax ROI, and they just assume their own company isn’t capable of doing the same. They also often miss the real reasons they’re not as successful as others.

"In fact, too many distributors are losing money where they least expect it — often through some of their largest customers because of the high costs-to-serve these customers present. So what’s the answer? What should you do better?"

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