Posted March 8, 2017

Sonnhalter publishes expanded vocational program list 

Listing now covers more than 21,000 vocational education programs across the country.

Last year, Sonnhalter released an extensive database of thousands of vocational education programs across the country to further its dedication to companies that market to the professional tradesmen.
With already more than 20,000 programs included, Sonnhalter has added even more new programs to its list, with each state now listed separately and a page for national programs and resources. In addition to including nearly 1,000 new programs, the database features more concise course titles that are easier to sort and filter.
The database serves as a helpful tool for companies looking to implement more grassroots campaigns to recruit the next generation of professional tradesmen. Sonnhalter hopes the tool will bridge the gap between manufacturers and educational programs.
The list is downloadable, easy-to-navigate and designed to be sortable and searchable for a variety of fields, including program type, location, degree type and other important information.
Click here to download the list.