Posted March 23, 2017

Point of Rental releases new solution for E-signatures

Rental eSign provides a huge savings on E-signature services.

Point of Rental Software has long since been integrated with DocuSign, one of the leading electronic signature services, but has now officially released Rental eSign, an electronic signature service designed specifically for rental processes.

While traditional electronic signature services come with a hefty per-signature fee that quickly adds up in the rental world, Rental eSign requires only a small setup fee and a packaged monthly transaction fee.

“We needed a solution and there’s nobody in the marketplace that provides for a high number of signatures for a decent price,” said CEO Wayne Harris. “So our goal was to come up with a solution that worked for the rental industry.”

This feature solves issues in both the equipment and events industries by ensuring a legally binding contract while avoiding fees with every amended contract.

For pricing and to sign up for this feature, please contact the Point of Rental sales team at  Learn more at