Posted April 3, 2017

STAFDA announces Concierge Customer Service Manual

Book will highlight key customer service challenges facing STAFDA Distributor members. 

The Specialty Tools & Fasteners Distributors Association (STAFDA) is continuing its series of educational training manuals by partnering with Dr. Jeanne Hurlbert who will author a detailed handbook on Concierge Customer Service.

As with past STAFDA manuals, Dr. Hurlbert is conducting in-depth research into how STAFDA members currently handle this critical business function. Customer service touches all STAFDA member categories and to initiate her research, Dr. Hurlbert prepared an “Opportunity Generator” questionnaire to tap into members’ core problems, concerns, and challenges.

This information will allow her to understand where customer service and feedback fit into STAFDA members’ overall priorities. The Generator will also measure how frequently members are measuring customer satisfaction to include how they collect data, the kinds of measures they’re using, and the results they are achieving.

The other core elements to be examined are if members have differentiated or customized levels or types of customer service, and the relationship between employee sentiment and customer sentiment (e.g. how STAFDA members currently measure employee satisfaction and engagement).

Once Dr. Hurlbert analyzes member input, and combines it with her research, she’ll write a STAFDA-specific manual on the importance of becoming customer-centric, the tools to construct a cutting-edge customer feedback system, and how to create an exceptional, differentiated level of service for the most profitable customers. She’ll also detail the “back stage” structure that supports “front stage” customer interactions.

Lastly, the manual will include specifics on the importance of measuring and maintaining the internal company culture. Dr. Hurlbert will tailor her research and writings to create a practical and insightful guide for members.

All STAFDA members will receive one free copy of the handbook this fall with additional copies available at a nominal cost. The manual is available only to STAFDA members. For more information on educational opportunities or membership, please contact Catherine Usher,, 262/784-4774 or 800/352-2981.