Posted April 6, 2017

Follow App keeps drivers from losing each other during trips

Keeping up with the driver in front of you has never been easier.

Follow Inc. announces the launch of the Follow app, a new mobile app for iOS and Android phones that lets drivers follow each other on trips or for work purposes.

The unique navigation app allows the creation of a “leader” and “follower” role, built into an intuitive mapping system so that groups will not get lost during a trip, even if the leader changes the destination or has to pull off the road.

Imagine a situation where a driver is on a road trip with friends and family, and more than one car is involved. Typically, one car is the leader and the rest of the cars are following. With current navigation app solutions, if the leader has to change their course–for example to pull off the freeway for gas or food–they run the risk of the other cars in the caravan not noticing and missing the exit, causing confusion and lost time as the drivers try to reconnect with each other. With Follow, drivers in each car are notified of any route changes made by the leader, and the caravan stays together.

“Road trips are not the only use for the Follow app,” according to Follow CEO Anthony Lucido, “During our testing we have had real estate brokers using the app with their clients and pizza parlor owners using it to track their drivers. We’ve even had a bridal party use it to make sure everyone got to the reception location without a hitch.”

Follow pings the location of the driver and followers three times every second, which means you will know where the other vehicles are even when traveling at freeway speeds. Drivers can also take comfort in the fact that tracking can be turned off at any time.

About the app: Follow is a navigation and driver tracking tool for the construction and other industries. This mobile app for iOS and Android lets drivers follow one another to jobsites, or allows a leader to keep track of his/her drivers on their way to a site. Follow can be used for things like client meetings, luncheons, company gettogethers, deliveries, and much more.

Developed By: The app was designed by ROC Equipment’s Anthony Lucido and developed internally by Follow Inc. The team behind Follow has owned and operated business in the construction industry for 36 years.


  • Assign yourself or another as a leader and invite users to be followers
  • Instant alerts when leader changes course
  • Hands-free navigation with verbal directions
  • Easily turn off Follow tracking for user safety

Follow is a free app, available on the App Store and Google Play. To add the ability to have more than one follower at a time, users can upgrade to Follow Pro for only $0.99.