Posted April 17, 2017

Free Distributor's Guide To Surviving Amazon Business While Thriving

Free guidebook offers strategies for establishing your e-commerce capability.

Amazon Business (AB) is receiving much publicity as a foe of some distributors of contractor supplies. But AB is not the foe. Its the business model that AB is perfecting and others are copying, including Alibaba, e-Bay Business Supply and other ″alternate channels of distribution.″ Their successful low-cost and -price model uses technology and logistics to eliminate sales and order entry people and many warehouse people and trucks and drivers.

Many traditional distributors are wondering whether to sell on alternate channels or establish their own real e-commerce sites; and how to change the products and services sold in order to survive. Some distributors have true e-commerce sites but are not generating enough sales, and wonder how to boost sales. Others would like to develop new revenue streams. But distributors are concerned that determining what to do is a complex, confusing lengthy process.

To help Contractor Supply readers develop strategies to survive and even thrive, a business planning expert used his experience to create a booklet with 18 steps to use to determine whether to establish an e-commerce capability. It also contains 14 steps to use to determine whether to subscribe to an independent e-commerce site (e.g., AB). And it contains 23 ideas for thriving, even if e-commerce is not pursued. Even distributors who are preparing to launch e-commerce will benefit from the Guide.

"The Distributors Guide To Surviving Amazon Business While Thriving" was written by Dick Friedman, a Certified Management Consultant with 40 years of experience helping distributors, including distributors of contractor supplies. He does not buy, sell or broker businesses, nor invest/lend in/to them. Dick is a distribution business specialist who has helped develop strategic plans to increase profitability.

This Guide is a summary of the steps that he uses to help clients determine whether to pursue or improve e-commerce, and to thrive. For a FREE copy, use “Other Contact Info” at (or at 847-256-1410).