Posted May 8, 2017

FastenMaster launches new PAMFast AutoFeed line

FastenMaster acquired PAM Fastening Technology in Q4 2013.

FastenMaster recently launched the PAMFast line of AutoFeed fasteners for a full range of residential and commercial applications. PAMFast, a product line that includes an autofeed screw system as well as collated screws, was previously branded PAM. FastenMaster acquired PAM Fastening Technology in Q4 2013.

“Contractors in a variety of trades are looking for versatility in their tools,” said Matt Minchew, Product Line Manager for FastenMaster. “PAMFast delivers that. This system drives every AutoFeed screw we offer and can be used while standing up or as a short handheld version. This is one system that does it all.”

PAMFast runs 3⁄4” to 3” screws, so it can be used for a range of applications from wood subfloors and decking to drywall, cement board, and more. No additional attachments or accessories are needed for different applications.

In addition to versatility, FastenMaster also sees a focus on safety and long term fastener performance driving demand for PAMFast.

“A variety of framers, builders, remodelers, and others are expressing concerns over traditional fastening methods,” Minchew said. “Whether it’s safety considerations stemming from pneumatically shot fasteners, or performance challenges such as squeaking subfloors, we find that more contractors are turning to our AutoFeed system as a solution.”

FastenMaster PAMFast is available from a variety of STAFDA distributors and lumberyards across the US and Canada. More information can be found on