Posted May 31, 2017

STI Firestop launches new mobile app

New System Search and Submittal Builder app simplifies finding third-party-tested firestop systems. 

Specified Technologies, Inc. (STI), an innovative leader in the firestop industry, today announced the availability of a new application for mobile devices: “System Search and Submittal Builder.”

STI Firestop's System Search helps installers, contractors, designers, architects and facilities teams quickly discover firestop systems for addressing through-penetration, construction joint, and perimeter fire-barrier conditions. The app simplifies the process of finding appropriate third party-tested firestop systems.

Each selection users make refines their options and narrows the search. As selections are made, the progressive search will eliminate unsuitable sealing methods or products and offer the best possible solutions arranged by ease of use. Users can also review Product Data Sheets, Safety Data Sheets, and other technical documents directly from their mobile device.

“We are very excited about our new System Search and Submittal Builder App,” said James Stahl, Vice President and General Manager, Engineering and Emerging Businesses. “It provides our customers with something that they have frequently requested, which is the ability to access UL System information from mobile devices.”

Submittal Builder allows users to bundle firestop systems together into a submittal for project bids. The collection of systems in users’ submittals can then be saved and accessed from any device through their Access STI account. Firestop systems and generated submittals can be easily shared via email, text message and more.

The new mobile app is available for download on both Apple and Android stores. For more information about STI, including new product launches and more, please visit