Posted June 14, 2017

Arrow Fastener launches new retail displays

Displays offer consistent experience across categories for staplers, riveters, hammer tackers, staples and more.

Arrow Fastener Company, the creator of the iconic T50 and retail leader in heavy duty stapling, introduced a new in-store display system at the International Hardware Show to make both the shopping process for consumers trouble-free and the selling process for retail sales associates easy.

Arrow has been steadily upgrading its branding, packaging and product designs to strengthen both its iconic brand and retail presentation. According to Product Manager Gregg Malanga, much of the work around increasing sales and profitability is done around merchandising, including retail store layout. “The way products are presented is a crucial component. Arrow’s new displays make it easier to see and browse products and delivers a good brand experience.”

It’s no surprise that consumers are typically uneducated and confused about the fastener category. “We continue to conduct a great deal of research with consumers and with our retailers to help ensure that the in-store experience is a positive one,” said Malanga. “We educate the consumer at the point of purchase; how to buy the right staple gun and how to buy the right staple to fit the tool and the project at hand.”

The displays offer uniformity at retail with a consistent experience across categories for staplers, riveters, hammer tackers, staples and more. The set also shows a logical progression with a good/better/best foundation to help consumers move from manual fasteners to electric, pneumatic and cordless electric tools in a clear, sensible way.

Since the majority of consumers decide what to buy while in the store, simple sets make decision making easier and drive increased spending. Clear and informative point of purchase displays also impart confidence and increase consumer spending.

At nearly 90 years young, Arrow Fastener continues to innovate tools and crafting items for a new generation. Arrow Fastener has tools to fix almost everything – from broken screens to loose lattice. Its wide range of easy fastening tools can be used to reupholster a favorite easy chair or give a fresh look to a bed headboard. Staples and glue guns are essential for crafts and hobby projects, and Arrow offers a full assortment of easy-to-use products. Building pros have relied on Arrow products for decades for jobs like fastening roofing felt to insulating the attic to fastening wires and cables. Learn more at