Posted July 13, 2017

Viega adds new PEX sizes and App for Viega Rewards Program

New, larger ViegaPEX Barrier tubing sizes for radiant applications now included in the Viega Rewards program to better serve commercial contractors.

Viega LLC announces new sizes of ViegaPEX tubing to be included in the Viega Rewards Program, as well as a new mobile app for the program.

Viega’s ViegaPEX tubing in 5/8- and 3/4-inch sizes with five new SKUs is now eligible for the Viega Rewards program. Viega’s lineup of ViegaPEX Barrier tubing covers more than 90 percent of radiant applications, with the new sizes expanding their use into commercial radiant and snow melting applications.

More than 700 plumbing contractors, general contractors, mechanical contractors and HVAC contractors across the U.S. and Canada have all earned points from the Viega Rewards program. With the new Viega Rewards app, contractors can simply add their rewards points by scanning the code on the sticker. Up to 10 boxes of Viega products may be uploaded at one time.

Customers can track and redeem points for a variety of rewards, including the pressing tools, jaw sets, fittings and much more. Using the new app, contractors are also able to check their points and redeem them. Contractors can use their smartphones to perform all the same functions previously available on the website, and points may still be recorded on the website using the 9-digit code.

“With the addition of ViegaPEX Barrier tubing sizes, we wanted to better serve commercial contractors and let them benefit from this great program,” said Lino Santoro, Viega Rewards program manager, Viega. “The new app is streamlined, simple-to-use and makes it easier for all contractors in the program to get credit for their purchases and earn more products in the future.”

To sign up for Viega Rewards and start earning points, visit or download the app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.