Posted August 9, 2017

NoteVault releases new construction compliance features

New features provide compliance tracking and export capabilities by account, project or user. 

NoteVault, a leader in construction innovation and technology, announced the inclusion of construction compliance functionalities in their latest feature release. During the creation of this compliance calendar, NoteVault consulted with top construction firms to finalize this new functionality. The compliance calendar was developed to improve transparency on the job-site, which is integral to increase safety, risk mitigation, and most importantly, to protect the business and workers.

It is important to make teams responsible for producing notes and reports because documenting what's happening on the job-site has been proven to decrease safety hazards.

Overview of features:
Enable account administrators to track job site compliance

  • Compliance can be sorted by: NoteVault access, contributing notes, or contributing labor
  • We've also included a view that lets you know when users have received the daily report
  • Track this compliance by Account, by project, or by user
  • Sort compliance by amount of usage, identifying "power users" and those that might need additional support

Export compliance data

  • Whether running the compliance report by account, by project, or by user, you can export this report into Excel
  • The report is color coded in order to give you a quick top level view of the information. You can also sort and manipulate the data in any way that works for you.

The feature is available for all NoteVault account and project administrators and showcases their vision of empowering transparency through real-time communications. Visit to learn more and sign up for a free trial. Download the apps here: AppleAndroid.