Posted August 11, 2017

Alert: New STAFDA convention scam appears

Unauthorized email offer promises a list of STAFDA attendees.

The above email is a phishing scam from an unauthorized company.
STAFDA urges all members to ignore it. 

A new "phishing" offer has popped up by email this morning purporting to offer a list of STAFDA Convention attendees for sale.

This is an UNAUTHORIZED solicitation from a firm that has NO affiliation whatsoever with STAFDA.

If members are contacted by Perry Smith of Global Market List about purchasing the STAFDA Attendee List – this is a phishing scam!

STAFDA never sells its list or posts the attendee list online! Furthermore, the 2500+ number cited is STAFDA’s membership number, not attendee count!

STAFDA warns its members: DO NOT respond to this phishing attempt.