Posted August 22, 2017

STAFDA show adds more exhibit space

More booth space opens up in the Austin Hilton, across the street from the Convention Center.  

Based on the overwhelming and unprecedented response to STAFDA’s November 12-14 Convention & Trade Show in Austin, STAFDA’s Trade Show at the Austin Convention Center sold out on July 29.

The show floor was reconfigured three times, an additional exhibit hall was attempted to be secured – twice – from another other group in-house at the Center, and STAFDA has been exploring other exhibit space options for over a month.

The waitlist for exhibit space is significant and it’s STAFDA’s goal to accommodate as many companies as possible. The good news is that STAFDA added more exhibit space in the Austin Hilton.

The Austin Hilton is across the street from the Convention Center and they have two sections of their ballroom that can accommodate 42, 10x10s. The ballroom is on the 6th floor of the hotel, however, STAFDA will have signage getting people from the Center to the Hilton. This includes in STAFDA’s registration area and inside/outside the Trade Show entrance (listing the names of the companies at the Hilton). This would also be marked in the onsite convention program.

STAFDA will still maintain the wait list sequence in the event something opens up in the Trade Show so an exhibitor currently in the Hilton for example, would have the option to move into the Trade Show in the Convention Center. Another member on the waitlist would then take this company’s booth space in the Hilton.

STAFDA was originally planning on having a poker run at the Austin Trade Show to maximize exhibitor exposure and this was before the show sold out! However, having a poker run between the Center and the Hilton will circulate attendees through both buildings.

Learn more at or call 262/784-4774 or 800/352-2981.