Posted August 30, 2017

After devastation, Harvey will bring construction jobs

As the waters recede, thousands of new construction jobs will bloom.

Hurricane Harvey has upended many lives, but if history is any indication, the disaster will create a slew of construction jobs in the weeks and months ahead as communities rebuild. Louisiana gained 7,800 construction jobs after Hurricane Katrina, while New Jersey added 9,800 and New York added 16,700 following Superstorm Sandy.

Hurricane Harvey has upended the lives of thousands of Texans and continues to wreak havoc on their communities. Rebuilding will take time, but with it will likely come a slew of construction jobs, as roads, buildings, and homes get needed repairs in the coming months.

It’s a trend that has shown itself in the most devastating hurricanes to hit the US in recent decades: the storm lands and in the following months construction jobs grow faster than the national average.

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Source: Quartz