Posted September 25, 2017

MiTek launches Hardy Frame special moment frame design tool 

Online design tool aids engineers who specify special moment frames.

New “Hardy Frame Special Moment Frame Design Manager” Transmits Design Requests Instantly for Custom Solutions by Hardy Frame Engineers

MiTek USA today announced that MiTek Builder Products now offers a Hardy Frame Special Moment Frame Design Manager online tool for designing Hardy Frame Special Moment Frames (HFSMF).

Hardy Frame Special Moment Frames are used in the design, construction, and retrofit of single- and multi-story wood-frame structures in residential and light-commercial markets.

Engineered to resist significant lateral forces from high wind and seismic loads, Hardy Frame Special Moment Frames are state-of-the-art, pre-fabricated, pre-engineered systems that utilize next-generation SidePlate moment connection technology.

The Hardy Frame Special Moment Frame Design Manager is highly interactive and replaces tedious manual input forms. As the user enters dimensions, the Hardy Frame Special Moment Frame is instantly drawn to scale. The input is continuously checked for consistency and accuracy, preventing costly specification errors and delays. Heights, inside and outside widths, and other important dimensions are displayed, including clearance reductions for nailers and SidePlates.

Seismic, wind, and serviceability design data under the 2012 or 2015 IBC are interactively entered and checked. ASCE-7 dead, live, seismic, and wind patterns applied as uniform, point, or loading-at-the-joint are displayed in a user-friendly graphic interface. Vertical, lateral, and moment load types are allowed.

To make the Hardy Frame Special Moment Frame submittal process even easier, the new Hardy Frame Special Moment Frame Design Manager transmits Hardy Frame Special Moment Frame design requests instantly to the Hardy Frame Engineering Division for immediate design.

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