Posted September 27, 2017

Casella launches Airwave App for monitoring of dust and noise safety 

App enables users with mobile devices to remotely start, pause or stop measurement runs, monitor battery life and more.

Casella is setting a new industry standard with the Airwave App, the only tool of its kind in the world that provides remote access of noise dosimeters and personal air sampling pumps.

Available for download on both Android and iOS devices, Casella’s latest products—including the Apex2 personal dust sampling pump and dBadge2 personal noise dosimeter—are supported by the Airwave App.

The Airwave App enables users to remotely start, pause or stop a measurement run, monitor battery life and memory capacity and check measurement progress direct from a mobile device, without having to disturb the worker, ultimately improving productivity levels. Data can be emailed alongside photos and notes, adding context to the data and further simplifying the reporting process.

This remote access facility makes monitoring and the collection of data much easier. The Apex2 personal sampling pump range allows accurate and reliable monitoring of exposure to dust in a variety of industrial workplaces. The product range includes the Apex2, Apex2 Plus and Apex2 Pro, all featuring different functionality to meet varying requirements.

The dBadge2 personal noise dosimeter measures every possible noise exposure related parameter during a measurement run. With the information available for subsequent download and analysis, it ultimately allows the industrial hygienist to assess risk or recommend control measures.

“It is clear to see Casella’s core commitment to improving and simplifying design and a dedication to offering reliable, innovative and visionary solutions to occupational and environmental monitoring,” said a Casella representative. “This benefits workers who operate in high risk sectors, improving their health and quality of life, and confirms why Casella has been unrivalled with its expertise and product range since inception in 1799.”

Both the Apex2 and dBadge2 are designed to be unobtrusive to the wearer and the tasks they are performing. However, if a worker does remove the pump, it is registered via a motion sensor to ensure that the final data is correct.  

To find out more about Casella, its products and the Guardian2, please visit, featuring a new live chat function.