Posted September 27, 2017

ReWall doubles manufacturing capacity

productsReWall manufactures roofing products and construction products from recycled materials.

ReWall converts cartons into high-performance, sustainable building materials through its low-energy, eco-friendlly recycling technology. 

Affirming that demand is increasing for environmentally friendly products, the ReWall Company announced today that it is doubling its manufacturing capacity of roofing products and other construction materials made from recycled food and beverage cartons, such as milk cartons, juice boxes, broth and soup containers.

Founded in 2008, ReWall builds sustainable building materials out of recycled food and beverage cartons using its proprietary low-energy, eco-friendly recycling technology. The unique properties of cartons – their strength, durability and resistance to mold and moisture – make them an ideal material choice for creating high-performance construction products, including roof cover board, exterior sheathing, wallboard and floor underlayment.

Through innovative technology developed specifically for ReWall’s needs, the process uses no water, formaldehyde glues or hazardous chemicals. No waste is generated, and every part of the carton is incorporated into the finished products.

In July, ReWall installed new equipment to expand the capacity of its manufacturing facility in Des Moines, Iowa, which will allow for the intake of approximately 600 tons of recycled cartons a month. There are 800 half-pint cartons in each 4x8x1/2" roof cover board. This means that each truckload of finished ReWall products prevents nearly 600,000 cartons from going to landfills. Additionally, the life cycle of the cartons will continue as the building materials can also be recycled.

“Builders and contractors shouldn’t have to prioritize between sustainability and quality,” said Jan Rayman, chief executive officer of the ReWall Company. “We chose food and beverage cartons because they allow us to create an extremely durable and moisture-resistant roof cover board. We have over four times the compression strength of ReWall converts cartons into high-performance, sustainable building materials through its low-energy, eco-friendly recycling technology.

"We have successfully installed ReWall roof cover boards on numerous projects at Iowa State University, and we will continue to choose this product, not only because its environmental impact is much, much lower, but also because it outperforms other incumbent materials,” said Mark Hanson, president of Central States Roofing. “This product can do all the things gypsum-fiber boards can do, but does them better, and this board has properties that gypsum-fiber boards will never be able to match, such as being easy to maneuver and having moisture durability and resiliency.”

Sharing a joint interest to increase carton recycling, the Carton Council has been a longtime supporter of ReWall since forming in 2009 to expand carton recycling nationwide by growing infrastructure for recycling aseptic and gable-top cartons. The Carton Council has worked with ReWall to provide financial and technical support to help grow this innovative end market for cartons used for many common food and beverage products.

“We are excited about this innovative new end use for cartons,” said Jason Pelz, vice president of recycling projects for the Carton Council of North America and vice president, environment, for Tetra Pak cluster Americas. “ReWall’s technology has brought forth a creative and cost-effective solution that continues to grow the synergy between this vital industry and the recycling of food and beverage cartons.”

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