Posted October 4, 2017

STAFDA launches Speed Interviewing at Austin convention

Students from four universities will meet companies on Sunday, November 12.

It’s been said it takes less than 10 seconds to make a positive impression. College students with industrial distribution, supply chain, or construction management majors will have 10 seconds to impress STAFDA attendees on Sunday, November 12, 1-4 p.m., when they interview as potential hires or interns with STAFDA distributors, manufacturers or rep agencies.

Students from Purdue University, Texas A & M, University of Alabama-Birmingham, and the University of Texas-Austin have been invited to participate and faculty advisors are excited for students to have the ‘real world’ experience of interviewing for a job related to their major. The goal is to get 10 students from each University – 40 students total – to attend STAFDA’s meeting.

On Sunday, November 12, students will participate in the morning’s educational workshops; the Young Professional’s Luncheon, the Speed Interviewing Session, and the Opening Party at Austin City Limits. They’ll also attend Monday’s General Session and Trade Show. They will depart on Tuesday, November 14.

STAFDA Student Award Applications are being posted to university websites, blogs, clubs, job boards, and other means to promote our program. Application questions include what kind of job they are interested in (e.g. finance, sales, marketing, etc.), what their favorite classes are, work history, extra-curricular activities, and to write a brief essay on “What are your professional aspirations and goals for the next five years?”

Students need to submit their applications to STAFDA by October 13. These will be posted to the members-only section of STAFDA’s website for review. STAFDA attendees interested in participating in the Speed Interviewing Session should complete the enclosed Speed Interviewing Session form and return it to STAFDA by October 20.

During the week of October 16, members will be able to review students’ resumes online and email STAFDA as to which students they’d like to meet with. STAFDA will coordinate the times and rotation schedule.

In today’s competitive environment and tight labor pool, there is tremendous demand for knowledgeable young talent to add to company staffs. STAFDA’s Speed Interviewing Session provides an open door of opportunity!

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