Posted October 24, 2017

Distribution One discusses ERP ONE+ benefits for distributor users

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“Actively investigating new methods of expanding our software’s functionality for the benefit of our customers is a core principle of our company,” explains Larry Ward, President of Distribution One. “Our software harnesses leading edge technology to deliver maximum benefits for wholesale distributors. Every single enhancement we make is designed to expand functionality, streamline productivity, and foster profitability.”

This year alone, Distribution One unveiled the 64-bit Cloud-enhanced ERP-ONE+ software upgrade, the supplemental integration with Amazon, in-program Dashboard+ Data Analytics, and a wireless Warehouse+ application. Used as a cohesive whole, the comprehensive ERP-ONE+ business software, strategic integrations, and suite of mobile apps provides the most powerful ERP solution for driving transformational change and sustainable growth.

Return on Investment:
Cloud-enhanced ERP provides the fastest path to implementation while avoiding the need to fund physical on-site servers and in-house IT support teams. Ongoing operational savings allow companies to allocate funds toward other key company initiatives like acquisitional expansion or growing the workforce. Comprehensive ERP-ONE+ readily supports growth through its inherent ability to scale at the pace of distributor expansion without requiring added software purchases.

Amazon Integration:
Streamlining the ordering procedure, this key integration provides a channel for ERP-ONE and ERP-ONE+ customers to easily maximize their selling opportunities across Amazon’s vast customer network. Orders and inventory data flow seamlessly between ERP-ONE+ and Amazon providing faster turnaround and enhanced order accuracy. The connectivity between ERP-ONE+ and Amazon ensures real-time inventory availability and reconciles changes to stock due to local storefront sales.

Dashboard+ Data Analytics:
Based upon a company’s own accurate business data, ERP-ONE+ generates real-time data analytics to provide crucial insights into current business health. Incorporated into ERP-ONE+, Dashboard+ identifies Key Performance Indicators that are most significant to individual users: fixed value comparisons, period trends, and charts revealing trending assets, liabilities, sales, and costs. Through these precise visualizations and real-time alerts, Dashboard+ helps companies make informed decisions faster.

“Distribution One is big enough to matter and small enough to care about each customer,” explains Mr. Ward. “Amazon, the Cloud, Dashboards... each of these enhancements originated through open dialogue with our customers. We begin every day asking, what do our customers need to be more successful tomorrow? I’m proud to say the answer is ERP-ONE+.”

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