Posted November 7, 2017

MiTek publishes Hardy Frame Prescriptive Design Guide

Offers alternative braced-wall solutions with HFX panels that comply with 2015 IRC.

MiTek has published a new Hardy Frame Prescriptive Design Guide that provides an overview of braced wall design, a flow chart of the design and specification process, and specific instructions to properly apply the Hardy Frame Alternative Braced Wall Solution.

The Hardy Frame Prescriptive Design Guide describes the need to locate Braced Wall Lines, determine the Braced Wall Length, and identify the available Braced Wall Segments within each line. When the total length of the Segments is insufficient to meet the Braced Wall Length requirement, the Hardy Frame Alternative Braced Wall is the solution to meet the International Residential Code (IRC).

Garage fronts commonly have limited space that is problematic when specifiers need to meet Braced Wall Lengths and Braced Wall Panel requirements. The Hardy Frame HFX Prefabricated Narrow Shear Wall Panel – manufactured under a quality-control program – is a proven solution for these conditions.

The Guide’s prescriptive design flow chart, its tables for equivalent braced wall panel lengths, and the Guide’s details for anchorage into concrete combine to provide a complete design tool for building officials, contractors, designers, and suppliers.

Using the Guide, building designers can gain insight into how Hardy Frame Panels can fit their needs by dovetailing with their specification process. With the Guide, building officials will obtain comprehensive information of products and their installation for use in both the plan-check and field-inspection processes. Contractors and suppliers will have a product listing that includes panels, corresponding accessory products, and easy-to-follow installation details.

“Meeting the IRC Braced Wall Panel requirements in narrow shear walls, like those so common at garage fronts, has been a challenge in the industry for many years. The Hardy Frame Prescriptive Design Guide provides solutions for those challenging areas, and a better end-product for the homeowner,” said David Lopp, VP of Technical Support for Hardy Frames. “We’ve been providing Prefabricated Shear Wall solutions in engineered designs for close to 20 years, and now we have set a goal to do the same for prescriptive designs.”

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