Posted January 2, 2018

Maze Nails celebrates 170 years in business

All Maze Nails are still 100% Made in the USA in Peru, Illinois.

W. H. Maze Company in Peru, IL. is celebrating its 170th year of doing business as a nail manufacturer and retail lumberyard. 

In operation since 1848, Maze Company continues to be the largest manufacturer of specialty nails supplying U.S. and Canadian customers many millions of pounds of nails annually. 

The 5th and 6th generations of the founder, Samuel Maze, work at the manufacturing facility so there is a lot of heritage, tradition and pride in the company.

All Maze Nails are 100% Made in the USA in Peru, Illinois.  The Maze lumber operation is still thriving too – and is the oldest lumberyard in the state of Illinois.

Maze Nails offers a full line of specialty nails in bulk for hand driving and in collated sticks and coils for popular pneumatic nailers.

Its exclusive STORMGUARD Double Hot-Dipped Galvanized coating provides ultimate corrosion-resistance. A full line of stainless steel nails is also available. 

Maze has been serving the building industry for many decades - providing nails for decking and trim, fiber cement, cedar and redwood sidings, fencing and many types of roofing. 

Maze eco-friendly nails are made from over 90% recycled re-melted steel to support sustainable building.

Customers have come to identify Maze Nails with top-quality products, excellent customer service and quick dependable shipments.

For additional information, call Toll Free at 800-435-5949 or visit the website at