Posted January 31, 2018

Intercorp earns Miami-Dade Product Control Notice of Acceptance for Strongcon fasteners

Notice certifies that Strongcon fasteners meet Miami-Dade building code requirements.

Intercorp, an importer and master distributor of high-quality construction fasteners under the Strong-Point and Strongcon brands, has received a Product Control Notice of Acceptance (No. 15-0930.14) from the Miami-Dade Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources, certifying that their Strongcon products meet Miami-Dade requirements.

“Intercorp has always had a great reputation for high-quality fasteners and this NOA from Miami-Dade validates that,” said National Sales Manager Law Winchester. “Being certified will give architects, engineers, contractors, specifiers, and others the confidence to specify our Strongcon products and know that they will meet all building code requirements. The SP headmark on our Strong-Point products now signifies that our products meet the highest quality standards for construction fasteners.”

The Miami-Dade Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources thoroughly examined Intercorp’s product information, test reports, calculations, quality control methods and other factors to ensure that the products are code-compliant.

Strongcon Miami-Dade certified fasteners are available through construction distributors throughout the United States. Visit to find a location near you.

Founded in 1988, Intercorp has established itself as an industry leader in the fastener distribution business. Their flagship brand, Strong-Point, is sold by thousands of distributors to construction professionals throughout the United States. The brand consists of a variety of high-end fasteners including: Self-Drilling, Needle Point, Woodworking, Stainless Steel, Drywall, Pole Gripper, Outdoor, Concrete, and Cement Board screws. With an outstanding reputation for customer service, quick delivery, and superior support for the distribution channel, Intercorp is unmatched when it comes to high-quality fasteners. See Intercorp on the Discovery Channel with Ed Begley Jr. here:

The Miami-Dade Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources enforces codes and regulations related to buildings and structures, zoning, activities that may impact the environment and enhances economic development.