Posted February 6, 2018

AATP broadens material options for threaded rod products

F1554, domestic B7 and Grade 8 offer increases industry options and meets regulatory requirements.

All America Threaded Products (AATP) introduces a new line of material options for threaded products including F1554, domestic B7 and Grade 8.

These new materials will be added to their current material offering of low carbon steel, T304 stainless steel, T316 stainless steel, ASTM A449, brass, aluminum and silicon bronze. The chemical and mechanical compositions of these new materials offer greater benefits to specific industries through increased yield strength, ductility and brittleness.

ASTM F1554 is a construction fastener specification developed by the American Society for Testing and Materials that specifies straight, bent, headed or headless anchor bolts and fully threaded rod. All America Threaded Products will now manufacture F1554 grade 36 and grade 55 for all threaded rod products, specials and anchor bolts.

ASTM A193 B7 is a bolt specification for alloy steel that is quenched and tempered to meet requirements. All America Threaded Products will now use domestic B7 in the manufacturing of threaded rod products in any length requirement up to 12 feet.

All America Threaded Products will dual certify to ASTM A354 BD and SAE J429 Grade 8. The Grade 8 material from AATP will be 100 percent domestically supplied and manufactured.

ASTM A354 BD is used for structural bolts while SAE J429 Grade 8 is an automotive specification. Both specifications are heat treated and tempered at 800° F. All America Threaded Products will be one of a few companies to offer this new, domestic material in threaded products.

“We have always been a leader in specialty threaded rod products and with the addition of these new materials, we can now reach new customers with specific requirements per industry standards,” said Mike Griffith, General Manager of AATP. “For example, F1554 will significantly help our current construction customers who require these specifications on every project they encounter.”

Widening the material offering to meet industry and regulatory standards is a welcome addition to the broad product offering from AATP. For more information about the new materials, visit