Posted February 12, 2018

Freidman issues new distributor's guide to warehousing

Guide covers newest technologies and how to avoid customer-hurting problems.

GBC ( announces ″The Distributor’s Warehouse Guide To New Technologies and Avoiding Customer-Hurting Problems.”

The Guide helps distributors determine which new technologies to investigate, and how to increase warehouse accuracy/productivity -- by describing 9 new and enhanced warehouse technologies, and 14 ways for preventing warehouse mistakes and increasing efficiency right now.

Some new technologies may be able to reduce reliance on not-so-qualified and scarce-to-find warehouse workers, and increase warehouse accuracy and/or productivity; and reduce injuries. But there are costs and risks, so The Guide explains the pros and cons of new technologies.

It was written by a 30-year distribution-industry veteran and Certified Management Consultant who does Not sell warehouse technology nor software. Dick Friedman has helped wholesaler-distributors determine the true costs of and achievable savings from technologies being considered; and helped prevent warehouse mistakes while increasing productivity (even where bar code scanning was not helping enough).

A FREE copy can be obtained by requesting it via the “Other Contact Info” tab on the web site.