Posted February 28, 2018

Arizona firm plans massive Georgia solar plant

Project could employ 400 workers to build and provide power for 33,000 homes.

An Arizona company is announcing plans to build one of the South’s largest solar plants.

Tempe, Arizona-based First Solar intends to build a 2,000-acre solar facility in Georgia’s Twiggs County, just south of Macon.

Don Moreland, chairman of the Georgia Solar Energy Association’s board of directors, says he believes the announcement bodes well for the state’s solar industry.

“I think what this decision says is that in Georgia, our solar industry is pretty resilient,” he said. “We are going to continue to look at new technologies that are manufactured here in Georgia.”

Building the plant could generate 300 to 400 construction jobs, according to First Solar.

Once the plant is up and running, it’s expected to generate 450 gigawatt hours a year, WABE Radio reported.

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