Posted March 27, 2018

Mortar Net offers online support documents in Spanish and Polish

Comprehensive technical data sheets and installation instructions are now available for download in both Spanish and Polish.

Mortar Net Solutions, a leading supplier of moisture management solutions for masonry walls, now offers its downloadable technical data sheets and installation instructions in Spanish and Polish.

Mortar Net’s online technical data sheets provide product information for all of its innovative solutions, including TotalFlash, BlockFlash, LathNet and DriPlane. The technical data sheets include important and comprehensive details regarding the product’s descriptions, features, sizes and packaging options and recycled content information.

“A large number of masonry contractors and laborers who use our solutions speak either Spanish or Polish as their first language, so it made sense to offer our technical data sheets and installation information in a way that better served these populations,” said Gary R. Johnson, President of Mortar Net Solutions. “Mortar Net prides itself in its willingness to help masonry professionals get the most out of our solutions by utilizing our wealth of online materials. We are glad that countless professionals in the field will now be able to fully take advantage of this useful information.”

To access and download Mortar Net Solutions’ technical data sheets and installation instructions in English, Spanish or Polish, visit