Posted April 18, 2018

AGC publishes guide to creating a fleet safety program

The average fleet vehicle accident costs companies $59,000.

According to the FMCSA, a truck accident typically costs a company approximately $59,150 in insurance fees, equipment replacement and legal issues. 

Download this guide, How to Create a Comprehensive Fleet Safety Program, and get working towards a much safer fleet in 4 easy steps.

Do you know how to minimize the risk of an accident in your fleet? The first issue of the AGC's Safety Adviser series covers - in detail - how to create a comprehensive fleet safety program that will reduce your safety risks in four easy steps:

  • First, determine what is a "safe" fleet
  • Implement a way to monitor driver performance
  • Discover how to simply train drivers on road safety
  • Lastly, devise a plan to measure and reward safe driving performances

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