Posted May 1, 2018

Hammerhead shark king completes 10th anniversary chess set

All instructions, tool list and design files are now available. 

Next Wave Automation’s celebration of the 10th Anniversary of its “CNC Shark” is now complete with the Hammerhead Shark King chess piece. The company is offering free instructions and VCarve files for making a complete commemorative chess set with the CNC Shark.

The set is now complete with the latest piece, the Hammerhead Shark King. All pieces of the set, including the chess board are available at no charge on the company website. Commemorative Chess Set projects include the chess board, Lighthouse Rook, Piranha Pawn, Seahorse Knight, Squid Bishop, Shark Queen and Hammerhead Shark King.

“This has been a really fun project,” says Tim Owens, founder and CEO. “We wanted to thank CNC Shark users wile providing them with a fun way to explore all the intricate and beautiful things that their machines can do.”

Since the introduction of the CNC Shark in 2007, Next Wave Automation has introduced and entire line of Desktop CNC machines and accessories and has won several industry awards for its innovative products. Next Wave Automation products are distributed across the United States by an ever-expanding dealer network.

Available at no charge on, are downloadable instructions and design files for the chess board and all of the pieces.
Next Wave Automation manufactures a full line of CNC machines for hobbyists and small wood shops, ranging from the CNC Piranha to the CNC HD4 Extended. The commemorative chess set can be made using any of the company’s CNC models by taking advantage of the double-sided machining available in Vectric’s New V9 Software.

For more information about Next Wave Automation, go to or call 419-318-4822.