Posted May 2, 2018

New Lawless Communication Group website goes live

New site offers complete range of LCG's Kenwood radio products. 

Lawless Communication Group invites visitors to explore its new website. LCG works to be a partner with customers to enable communications in the toughest conditions with Kenwood radio products.

The new website has been designed to offer a user- friendly experience with an ease of functionality for customers to see the full product portfolio.

Created with the user experience in mind, the site includes features to help users to quickly and easily navigate the site and find the solutions they need. Features include:

  • Products which allows users to easily narrow down the product portfolio by selecting key performance attributes the wanted product needs to have.
  • Resources and Forms are now easily accessed through new site making the process faster and streamlined.
  • Rapid Response Functionality allowing the site to be compatible with all browsers and mobile devices.

The new website will serve as a platform to highlight Lawless Communication Group’s service pillars: Integrity, Service, and Quality.

Visitors to the site are to be advised that the few weeks after the initial launch are considered a transitional period, meaning that the website will work through any technical issues as the integration period settles.

Lawless Communications Group is proud to carry Kenwood radios, a recognized leader in the portable communications business. The company has tried and tested radios from just about every manufacturer out there. Kenwood is the brand that it has found to have the best combination of performance and value.

Don’t let the name fool you – Lawless Communications Group always treats its customers, suppliers, partners, vendors and employees fairly and honestly. It’s not just a smart way to do business, it’s the only way to do business.

Lawless Communications Group was founded from The Lawless Group, a company started 40 years ago, to bring companies like yours a higher level of customer service and stewardship.

For more information on and to view the site, please visit