Posted June 12, 2018

HYTORC grows in the Benelux Union

Company opens larger, more modern building in the Netherlands.

HYTORC continues its growth in the Benelux Union (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg) with a newly opened facility, further expanding presence in the area.

HYTORC Benelux started 25 years ago in the Netherlands with two employees and has since grown to 33 employees. The building in Beuningen, Netherlands, needed to grow as well. Since 2010, the company has also had an office situated between Antwerp and Brussels in Belgium, to service the Belgium and Luxembourg market.

During the plant’s 18-month construction period, the company also arranged some necessary organizational issues. Since the new building is on the same plot of land, the “normal work” had to continue as usual – regardless of the noise, mess and disruption. Employees needed to perform with extra flexibility and commitment to meet the challenges.

The original headquarters, with a capacity of 890 square meters (9,580 square feet) of offices, warehouse and workshop, was too small to handle the new products and growth. Also, from the standpoint of modern energy consumption, the old buildings were not ready for the near future of HYTORC Benelux.

A new, modern office in the Netherlands was necessary. The space includes a polished showroom and a new experience center for the clients, a well-organized and clean workshop, an extended calibration-test center, a warehouse and training facilities. The new facility has it all, with more than 2,300 square meters (24,757 square feet) of available space.

Employees feel comfortable in the new building, which was custom designed to improve worklife in nearly every way possible.

Special attention was given to the workshop area. HYTORC Benelux has four types of workstations for hydraulic pump units, hydraulic tools, air guns and electrical guns. For ergonomics, the most frequently used spare parts are located in drawers of cabinets built into each workstation. Larger and more sparsely needed spares are stored in the warehouse. To lift heavier pumps, there is a hoist reaching all pump workstations. Waste oil is pumped to a storage tank. Fresh oil is thrust into the pump units in adjustable portions. Employees no longer have to deal with the hassle of oil drums.

“The new HYTORC Benelux building is an incredible commitment to the future of the company and a strong message about quality, dedication to customer service and employee growth,” said Jason Junkers, chief operating officer of HYTORC. “This new space will elevate this location to the next level of technology and efficiency.”

HYTORC Benelux performs 100 percent of all after-sales service, such as calibrations, re-calibrations and maintenance, in its own building with well-trained employees, most of whom have more than 10 years of experience. In the last two years, extra mechatronic engineers have joined the team to take care of all new battery driven torque guns and more intelligent pump units.

Most of HYTORC Benelux sales advisors are technical engineers, equally spread throughout the territory to meet the 24/7 requirements of high capital industries such as petrochemical, shipping and wind power generation.

In a separate air-conditioned room, the plant now has five systems to calibrate and re-calibrate all types of tools from 30 newton meters (22-foot-pounds) up to 100,000 newton meters (73,750 foot-pounds). HYTORC Benelux also recalibrates test gauges up 2,500 bars (36,230 pounds per square inch). Hydraulic pump units undergo a durability plus performance test to assure there are no minor leakages, which are often hard to detect. It’s all done to get the lowest possible malfunction rates in the field.

“It is not the one big thing, but the many small things that make HYTORC the best company,” said CEO Mathieu van Kortenhof. “We have a pretty high level of details. That attention to the details is reflected in our wonderful new headquarters.”

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