Posted August 2, 2018

Rockler cross lap jig: the key to two new "Build It With Rockler" projects

Free plans, online videos and in-store demonstration simplify process.

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has launched a pair of new "Build It with Rockler" projects that both focus on cross lap joints – the Modern Coffee Table and the Cross Lap Worktop. Rockler's free downloadable plans, online skill-builder videos, and an in-store demonstration of the Rockler Cross Lap Jig provide DIYers with the resources they need to take the projects from start to finish.

The Modern Coffee Table is an aesthetically striking design for home decor, while the Cross Lap Worktop features strong, lightweight torsion box construction designed to function as a work platform mounted to the Rockler Material Mate frame or other table base.

Both projects incorporate steps including cutting slats to size, notching the slats with the Rockler Cross Lap Jig, gluing and clamping – all skills that provide a foundation for a variety of woodworking projects. Once the tables are assembled, users can customize them by choosing a paint, stain or sealer to achieve the desired look.

The complete plans and additional project information are available at The free downloadable plans include an exploded view of the project, a list of materials required to perform the build and step-by-step instructions with photos to aid in the assembly process. Skill-builder videos, including one dedicated to demonstrating the Rockler Cross Lap Jig, are also available online.

"Building cross lap furniture is now incredibly easy," said Scott Ekman, Rockler's vice president of marketing. "The Rockler Cross Lap Jig ensures tight-fitting joints that are evenly sized and spaced. Coupled with our free online plans, skill builder videos and the in-store jig demonstration, these projects come together in a hurry."

All Rockler retail stores will host a demonstration on August 11th that exhibits the functionality of the Rockler Cross Lap Jig, which is very useful in completing the Modern Coffee Table and Cross Lap Worktop projects. The stores also stock the required tools and materials that are listed in the free downloadable plan.

Rockler will offer complete "Build It With Rockler" solutions for additional projects in the future.

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