Posted August 15, 2018

New business offers tax strategy services for construction entrepreneurs

Numbers House provides tax strategy, business consulting and compliance services to new construction businesses.

Numbers House, a complete back-office support department for entrepreneurs who want to start and grow their own business in the construction industry, is announcing it is open for business.

Numbers House specializes in helping entrepreneurs establish their business by filing the proper documents with local, state and federal governments that create the business in a manner that utilizes the tax strategies available to them. Beyond ensuring companies are paying the right amount of taxes at inception, Numbers House helps those business owners avoid tax problems down the road. Proper business entity setup can also protect owners from personal liability in cases of employee negligence or mistakes.

“Our focus is on making sure business owners start their business correctly,” said Numbers House Owner Tab Burkhalter. “It can be a confusing process when deciding whether to incorporate as an LLC, S-Corporation, C-Corporation, or other business structure. At Numbers House, we focus on helping entrepreneurs and new business owners avoid surprises at tax time by making sure everything is set up properly on the front end.”

Once businesses have established the proper entity designation, Numbers House can offer other services that assist in the ongoing operations of the business, such as tax strategy, business consulting, compliance and payroll.

“Our bread and butter is getting businesses started up the right way, but we have talented people who can help with other back-office duties,” Burkhalter said. “Being a business owner is stressful enough. We provide a way for entrepreneurs to not have to worry about things like payroll and filing taxes so they can focus on growing their business.”

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