Posted October 3, 2018

Adenna and NuTrend announce merger

New entity combines leading glove, hand protection and infection control products manufacturers.

Two respected names are coming together, as NuTrend Disposables announces its merger with Adenna. The merger is effective immediately; however, the coalescing of business practice and consolidation of enterprise is ongoing.

The new entity will operate under the single name, Adenna, and the new company will be represented by a new logo fused from elements of each of the previous marks, giving the brand a fresh new look while preserving the legacy of each of these great organizations.

Known for the widest, most diverse selection of disposable gloves in the industry, Adenna manufactures and markets a variety of hand protection and infection control products throughout the world. Industries served include dental, automotive, tattoo and body art, industrial, safety, corrections, laboratory, cosmetology, and veterinary care.

NuTrend Disposables made its name as an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of disposable wipers, rags, safety products, and washroom essentials, with a focus on serving the industrial, safety, and contractor supply distribution channels.

Merging the brands allows customers to benefit from a wider combined product offering. The new Adenna now offers disposable and work gloves, wipers, rags, microfiber products, sorbents, air care, toilet seat covers, infection control, personal protective equipment, and personal care items. Distributors create their own signature bundle when they place a single order for only the items they need, this increasing efficiency, reducing delivery time, and lowering shipping costs.

Adenna customers will enjoy a greatly expanded selection across key categories attractive to many different types of industries and markets, while NuTrend customers will have the benefit of a more expanded and competitive glove and infection-control offering.

“When we looked at combining Adenna and NuTrend, it was evident we could bring greater value to our customers with an expanded product offering, channel-specific sales leaders, cutting-edge marketing, and outstanding customer service. The convenience, quality, and value created for our customers is unmatched,” said Tom Friedl, President and CEO of The Tranzonic Companies, the parent company of both Adenna and NuTrend.

The new company will be highly attuned to the ways in which business communicates with customers—harnessing the power of a boosted online presence. In the coming weeks and months, Adenna customers can expect to see a robust new website, product demos and other instructional videos, as well as active social media channels to engage, inform, and build relationships.

“The way companies and customers relate to one another is constantly evolving,” said Jessilyn Duke, VP Sales. “Adenna will be at the forefront of existing and emerging technologies, so customer communication and access are in a state of continuous improvement.”

Adenna, founded in 1997, has been a leader in the disposable glove industry for more than 21 years. Adenna became a sister division to NuTrend Disposables and HOSPECO in February 2017.

Adenna and NuTrend are leading manufacturers and suppliers of disposable products for protection, infection control, and cleaning. Together, the new Adenna offers an unprecedented bundle that allows for greater savings through consolidated supply. The company also provides contract converting and packaging for disposable wipers as one of the largest non-mill converters and packagers of wiping cloths in North America.

The company is proud to be a member of ISA (International Supply Association), STAFDA (Specialty Tool & Fastener Association), NSC (National Safety Congress), SDC (SEMA Data Co-op), SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association), NetPlus Alliance, and IBC.

For a transitional period, all contact information for the two merging companies will remain open. To contact Adenna LLC - Phone: 888.323.3662 Web: To contact NuTrend Disposables - Phone: 877.464.6839. Web: