Posted November 6, 2018

Omer names North American manager

Matteo Salamon brings international tool business experience to Omer's Texas operations.

Mr. Matteo Salamon has been named North America Manager and assigned to the U.S. by Omer spa.Mr. Matteo Salamon has been named North America Manager and assigned to the U.S. by Omer spa C.E.O. Mr. Renzo Rossetto.

Salamon arrived in Texas from Suseguana, Italy near the primary production facility of Omer S.p.A. in the area known as the pre-Alps, north of Venice.  

Having enjoyed a successful working career abroad, with highlights such as owning a Brazilian construction company, he brings to the U.S. operations a diversified and impressive background enhanced by multiple language skills. 

Chuck Hotze, Omer USA Vice President, U.S. Market Development says,  “It’s amazing how quickly Matteo has assimilated vast amounts of our industry’s product details and has incorporated them into a deep understanding of the U.S. market in the pneumatic tool and fastener industry.” 

In his first couple of years with OMER, Salamon has fully integrated the American and Italian interface for all the operations of Omer USA, Inc. in Hutto, Texas and has  accelerated the growth of Omer products in the American marketplace. 

Mr. Renzo Rossetto, CEO of Omer S.p.A. in Italy assigned Matteo to the post of North America Manager, providing interaction with all levels of the Omer Italian factories to promote a fresh and dynamic long term direction for the company’s American enterprise. 

With Matteo's addition to the organization, Omer USA continues to enhance their already excellent customer service.  American customers will be well served by Mr. Salamon lending his expertise and energetic support for Omer’s fine Italian fasteners, tools and parts which are becoming deeply entrenched in the United States marketplace. 

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