Posted December 13, 2018

Custom Equipment manufactures 10,000th Hy-Brid lift

The first Hy-Brid lift ever sold is still in a rental fleet today. 

Steve Kissinger, founder of Custom Equipment, celebrates with Martin Starck, president and owner of Lift Works, Inc., who purchased Custom Equipment’s first lift in 2004 as well as the monumental 10,000th Hy-Brid Lift.

Rental company Lift Works, Inc. purchased Custom Equipment’s first Hy-Brid Lift in 2004 and recently the monumental 10,000th Hy-Brid Lift.

Custom Equipment LLC announces production of their 10,000th Hy-Brid Lift. Custom Equipment has become the premier provider of lightweight low-level scissor lifts worldwide.

The compact size and low floor loading pressures of Hy-Brid Lifts make them a rental favorite for plumbers, painters, drywallers, ceiling tile installers and many others. Rental company Lift Works, Inc. purchased the 10,000th Hy-Brid Lift, and was also the company that purchased Hy-Brid’s first HB-1030 lift in 2004.

Custom Equipment was started in 1981 by Steve and Lynn Kissinger in West Bend, Wisconsin, when they realized an industry need for a versatile lightweight scissor lift. The company quickly gained a reputation for providing creative solutions, superb customer service and quality workmanship.

“I’m extremely proud of our growth,” said Steve Kissinger, Custom Equipment founder. “I knew there was a need in the industry, but I had no idea how large that demand was. We started by offering one model and selling fewer than 100 units per year. As of last year, we offered six models that are sold worldwide. We’ve improved the lifts as we’ve grown, listening to the needs of our customers by adding productivity features such as USB ports, tool holders and parts trays. We also have made changes to improve the ROI for our customers.”

In 2004, Custom Equipment designed and started manufacturing the HB-1030 Hy-Brid Lift. The HB-1030 is a low-level scissor lift with a working height of up to 16 feet. Lift Works, Inc., a rental company offering big business services with family-run business sensibilities, recognized the potential of HB-1030 and bought the first one. The original is still in their fleet today, nearly 15 years later.

Lift Works also purchased the monumental 10,000th Hy-Brid Lift – a HB-1430, the model that has become Custom Equipment’s most popular scissor lift. This all-purpose lightweight lift has a working height of up to 20 feet and allows for use on delicate surfaces.

“Customers love these lifts, and we’re so pleased with our experience with Custom Equipment,” said Martin Starck, Lift Works, Inc. president and owner. “The compact size and high lifting capacity are the reason we’ve purchased them in the past, and the reason we’ll continue to do so.”

As for the future of Hy-Brid Lifts, Kissinger said continued growth can be expected, with new product lines and innovative products, all while maintaining their commitment to customer service. 

Custom Equipment LLC engineers and manufactures all-purpose Hy-Brid Lifts brand of scissor lifts in electric self-propelled and push-around models. The all-purpose lifts offer exceptional capabilities in a heavy-duty but lightweight design, are easy to maneuver and reach working heights as high as 20 feet. Contractors and maintenance technicians can use them from start to finish for a wide range of applications in industries as diverse as construction, drywall, electrical, HVAC, industrial manufacturing, painting and plumbing.

For more information, contact Custom Equipment LLC at 2647 Highway 175, Richfield, Wis. 53076; 262-644-1300; fax 262-644-1320;;