Posted January 16, 2019

California public sector spending to bolster construction industry

Major water and infrastructure projects are set to come online this year. 

Despite continued material cost increases due to tariffs and the trade war between China and the United States, the construction industry is remains busy in large part thanks to public sector spending, according to industry experts.

“What we see in 2019 is remarkable. The opportunity for the industry to have good paying jobs for their workers has never been as fruitful as it is now,” John Hakel, executive director of the Southern California Partnership for Jobs (SCPJ), said. The SCPJ represents 2,750 contractors and 90,000 union employees.

The catalyst for employment growth in the industry is billions of dollars for water and transportation infrastructure approved by California voters, Hakel explained. Senate Bill 1, originally approved by Gov. Jerry Brown in April 2017 and upheld by voters last year, dedicated more than $50 billion to road-related infrastructure repair over the next 10 years.

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