Posted January 28, 2019

Kirk Henningsen retires from Mid Continent Nail

Jason Kennedy and Bruce Kennedy will replace Henningsen as channel managers. 

Kirk Henningsen
Jason Kennedy 
Bruce Kennedy 

After a successful career in Mid Continent Steel and Wire (MCN), fastener sales leader Kirk Henningsen has decided it is time to retire and enjoy time at home doing whatever he desires, and enjoy the fruits of his long and distinguished career in the wire and nail business.

His list of accomplishments in the industry and the instrumental role he played in the development of what is now the largest nail plant in North America are too comprehensive for this notice. He has been a loyal manager, mentor and friend to many and he will be missed by all.

Henningsen and VP of sales and marketing George Skarich have been working on making sure that the future of MCN is in good hands knowing this day would come at some point.

Over the last two years he has been mentoring Jason Kennedy to manage MCN's Distributor Channel and Bruce Kennedy (no relation) manage the company's Industrial Channel. 

Henningsen will close out the month of January in his current job and then serve in a consulting role for MCN over the next months. He will maintain his current contact information until at some point in the future he can spend his days doing things other than nails!

Please contact Kirk when you have time to thank him for his dedication and service to the industry. Learn more at