Posted March 7, 2019

Milwaukee upgrades entire M18 system with New HIGH OUTPUT batteries

Upgraded M18 system also includes and M18 & M12 Super Charger.

Milwaukee Tool announces the next breakthrough for its M18 Cordless System by extending its range of M18 REDLITHIUM HIGH OUTPUT Batteries and introducing the first M18 & M12 Super Charger.

The new M18 REDLITHIUM HIGH OUTPUT XC8.0 and CP3.0 battery packs will join the company’s current HIGH OUTPUT HD12.0 and XC6.0 offerings, establishing new top-tiers of performance for the XC (Extended Capacity) and CP (Compact) battery segments.

All M18 REDLITHIUM HIGH OUTPUT batteries provide 50% more power, run 50% cooler, and offer increased run-time over standard M18 REDLITHIUM batteries, all while being compatible with the entire M18 System of more than 175 tools.

“In 2005 Milwaukee turned the power tool industry on its head when we invented the technology that enabled the use of lithium-ion in power tools. This was an achievement like the industry had never experienced before and, while many other companies have utilized this technology to deliver their own cordless systems, we’ve remained at the forefront of lithium-ion technology innovation. We’ve marked each year since with continued advancements in REDLITHIUM Battery Packs – most recently the launch of our most capable battery ever, the M18 REDLITHIUM HIGH OUTPUT HD12.0 Battery in 2018. This year we mark the biggest update to M18 since the introduction of REDLITHIUM as we elevate the entire M18 System through HIGH OUTPUT,” -- Babacar Diop, Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool.

M18 REDLITHIUM HIGH OUTPUT batteries are engineered with the best combination of cell technology, pack construction, and electronics ever utilized before in a professional-grade battery system. This incredible stride forward in battery design delivers more power, runs cooler, and provides more run-time versus M18 REDLITHIUM - ultimately allowing users to experience faster application speeds and fade-free power in all three segments of M18 batteries (CP, XC, and HD) without having to invest in an entirely new system. M18 HIGH OUTPUT batteries are also equipped with advanced charging capability, now realized with the new M18 and M12 Super Charger.

CP, XC, HD - A Battery for Every Need

Milwaukee’s extensive lineup of M18 REDLITHIUM Batteries offer users valuable benefits. Given the breadth of line in the M18 System, as well as users’ trades and preferences, it’s essential that they can pick a battery that’s best for them and their most common applications. Therefore, Milwaukee offers three segments of batteries, optimizing performance at every level:

  • CP (powerful, with less weight for reduced user fatigue and smaller size to better fit in tight spaces)
  • XC (more power and run-time versus CP, a great balance of performance and weight for a wide variety of tools and applications)
  • HD (the most power and run-time, ideal performance for high demand applications and stationary tools).

Tradesmen demand flexibility on the jobsite, so regardless of which battery they have at arms-reach, they can depend on battery packs in each of those segments (CP, XC, HD) to be fully compatible with their M18 tools.

HIGH OUTPUT Raises the Bar

The new HIGH OUTPUT batteries have been upgraded in three key ways:

In comparison to the 18650 cells in REDLITHIUM batteries, the new 21700 cells provide a massive leap in performance. This advancement in lithium-ion unlocks new levels of power, run-time, thermal management.

Upgraded Electronics
To take full advantage of the high-power cells, Milwaukee advanced the power delivery system and communication in the pack electronics, ensuring full system compatibility, faster application speeds, and keeping our users productive with the M18 System’s most advance charging components.

Pack Construction
This massive increase in power made it critical that Milwaukee minimize heat generation by optimizing the pack construction. These improvements help the pack run 50% cooler, so users can work harder and longer than ever before without the need to worry about overheating the pack.

Charge Up to 4X Faster

The advancements in power management not only dramatically improve how M18 HIGH OUTPUT Batteries discharge, but how they are charged as well. The M18 HIGH OUTPUT CP, XC, and HD batteries are optimized for super charge, unlocking the ability to charge at faster charge rates when paired with the new M18 & M12 Super Charger. This charger leverages Milwaukee’s REDLINK Intelligence to optimize the charge rate based on the battery type and temperature. This provides up to a 4X faster charge than Milwaukee’s standard chargers, as well as the best combination of charge time and pack life.

This all culminates in all HIGH OUTPUT batteries charging in 1 hour or less. This one-hour charge is particularly game-changing for users of the REDLITHIUM HIGH OUTPUT HD12.0, raising their productivity to a whole new level.

Milwaukee M18 HIGH OUTPUT Battery & Super Charger Lineup



  • HIGH OUTPUT CP3.0 (48-11-1835) – NEW! Launch: April 2019 ($99)
  • HIGH OUTPUT CP3.0 2-Pack (48-11-1837) – NEW! Launch: April 2019 ($149)
  • HIGH OUTPUT CP3.0 Starter Kit (48-59-1835) – NEW! Launch: May 2019 ($139)


  • HIGH OUTPUT XC6.0 (48-11-1865)
  • HIGH OUTPUT XC6.0 2-Pack (48-11-1862)
  • HIGH OUTPUT XC8.0 (48-11-1880) - NEW! Launch: May 2019 ($199)
  • HIGH OUTPUT XC8.0 Starter Kit (48-59-1880) - NEW! Launch: May 2019 ($249)


  • HIGH OUTPUT HD12.0 (48-11-1812)

Chargers Optimized for HIGH OUTPUT

  • M18 & M12 Super Charger (48-59-1811) – NEW! ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Launch: July 2019 ($159)