Posted March 12, 2019

Dynabrade celebrates its 50th anniversary

Company was launched in 1969 with the invention of the Dynafile pneumatic power tool.

On April 1, 2019 Dynabrade, Inc. is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Walter Welsch started the company near Buffalo, NY in 1969 after inventing the Dynafile, a pneumatic power tool that replaces hand sanding and polishing.

“Our founder was known as the man with a method," states Hardy Hamann, president of Dynabrade. "He always focused on how to improve the end-users’ finishing processes by developing specialty tools that save customers time and money. Our founder’s beliefs remain our top priority today and I believe because of that - our company remains viable, strong and growing.” 

Since its founding, Dynabrade has committed to being a US manufacturer. It has grown into a global company with world-wide distribution, having subsidiaries in both Europe and Asia. The company offers a complete product line of process solutions, including pneumatic abrasive power tools, clean air solutions – industrial vacuums, abrasives and accessories.

Dynabrade believes in bringing value to its end users, and supports this with over a hundred highly-trained sales representatives who provide process improvements and cost savings to some of the world’s most iconic brands – ranging from Boeing in aerospace to global automotive manufacturers including Tesla and Ferrari.

Dynabrade is also trusted by companies such as Siemens and GE for their wind turbine production, Steinway & Sons pianos, Kraftmaid kitchen cabinetry, and local furniture manufacturer Kittinger, who has produced tables and chairs for the White House and Congress for nearly a half century. For these brands and many others, the perfect finish begins and ends with Dynabrade.

“Winning in today’s competitive environment globally comes down to teamwork. Our team consists of an exceptionally strong network of American parts vendors, thousands of highly committed distributors around the world assisting us in selling our products and of course, our highly dedicated employees,” says Hamann. “When you have a method and surround yourself with the right people, success will follow!”

Driven by the desire to optimize its customers’ processes, Dynabrade manufactures pneumatic abrasive power tools to offer complete process solutions including industrial vacuums, abrasives and accessories for industrial clients around the world. Learn more at: