Posted July 24, 2019

Distribution One’s Integrated Business AI Delivers Enhanced Data Analysis Within ERP-ONE+ Distribution Software

ERP-ONE+ distribution software features integrated Business AI to streamline Big Data analysis so customers can make the best decisions for their company.

Business AI is now built into Distribution One’s comprehensive ERP-ONE+ business software. Artificial Intelligence (AI) automatically analyzes Big Data to improve user experience and decisions based on real-time insights across the entire supply chain.

“Expanding on the existing advanced processes,” explains Larry Ward, Distribution One President, “the Business AI in ERP-ONE+ simplifies the job of data analysis, automates tasks and notifications, and promotes even greater user efficiency. We built it to empower our customers to make the best decisions based on their own business data.”

In ERP-ONE+, users can set specific triggers to generate automated notifications. Users running Vendor Performance Analysis can review vendor data and receive notifications to take actionable steps should a vendor send the wrong materials or miss delivery deadlines. AI also enables users to better manage performance related to Warehouse Fulfillment.

In addition, Business AI virtually eliminates the time-consuming manual user analysis conducted by purchasing personnel. For instance, ERP-ONE+ can suggest items to purchase based on data from current customer buying trends or seasonal demand. ERP-ONE+ automatically calculates Suggested Buying information using Big Data which determines the purchase quantity and pricing recommendations. Any changes to these Purchase Factors (like Min/Max, Average Lead Time, Classification, etc.) will drive an automatic recalculation of the Suggested Buying information.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software exists to drive continual efficiency into the distribution process. With integrated Business AI, ERP-ONE+ further streamlines Big Data analysis for users company-wide. For additional information on specific Business AI functionality or to request an ERP-ONE+ software demonstration, contact us at

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