Posted November 1, 2019

Swedish Hultafors Group launches in the U.S.

Company will kick off its new U.S. division at STAFDA in Nashville.

This year’s STAFDA Convention in Nashville, Tennessee will see the introduction of Hultafors Tools to the North American market, with a range that includes over 120 different hand tools. Since the acquisition of Johnson Level & Tool by Hultafors Group AB in April of 2018, the aim has been to bring the brands and products of Hultafors Group to the U.S. and Canada, and this official launch of the Hultafors branded hand tools is the first step in that initiative.

“The team at Hultafors Group North America is excited to launch the Hultafors brand line of hand tools at the STAFDA Convention in November 2019. This range of products draws from decades of design and manufacturing expertise that produces the highest quality tools that not only feel great in your hand, but also provide the accuracy and durability that will delight the most discerning of professional users”, says Peter Chatel, President of Hultafors Group North America.

The Hultafors story began in 1883, when Swedish engineer Karl Hilmer Johansson KolleĢn invented the folding rule. Since then, the company has grown steadily and Hultafors now designs, develops and produces a wide range of premium hand tools. The Hultafors products in this launch include striking tools, demolition tools, chisels, knives, marking tools, levels, and storage products.

Hultafors Group is one of Europe’s largest companies to supply workwear, footwear, head protection, hand tools and ladders for professional users. The brands within the Group encompass Snickers Workwear, Hultafors and Johnson Level (tools), Solid Gear and Toe Guard (footwear), Wibe Ladders and Hellberg (head protection). Hultafors Group also recently acquired Custom LeatherCraft Manufacturing LLC, based in Los Angeles, whose products include solutions for tool storage.

“We are excited about this launch as we believe there is great potential for our products in the North American markets, and we look forward to introducing our high-quality hand tools to new user groups. Our end-user based research has given us strong confirmation that our products and brands with strong market acceptance across Europe will enjoy the same end-user demand in North America”, says Ole Kristian Jødahl, CEO at Hultafors Group AB.

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