Posted December 19, 2018

Forbes: Blue-collar workers will be in high demand in 2019

Historically tight labor market will drive up competition and wages for workers.

Next year will be another banner year for blue-collar labor. Be they truck drivers or HVAC workers, employees who didn’t do four or more years in a liberal arts college are hard to find and in hot demand heading into 2019, according to a report released December 13 by The Conference Board, a nonprofit organization researching the American business climate.

There is a blue-collar labor shortage in the United States, and it is not because of manufacturing returning from China and elsewhere, research analysts believe.

According to the Conference Board, retiring Baby Boomers and lower-income workers leaving the workforce on disability claims (including drug addiction) has largely led to the weak numbers in blue-collar job applicants. Moreover, more high school seniors are going on to four-year liberal arts degrees and getting highly skilled jobs or starting careers in professional services or in public services, like school teachers.

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