Posted December 25, 2019

White Paper: Advantages of single-source procurement for fasteners

All-Pro Fasteners offers white paper on single-source procurement. 

A company faced with the need to recurrently purchase fasteners and related products, whether as an OEM or aftermarket company, must decide between sourcing from one supplier or working with multiple vendors. Factors such as market conditions, supplier capabilities, fastener product characteristics, and individual business requirements may influence the decision.

The decision to single-source fastener procurement is typically made on a strategic basis, according to how much value a single-source relationship can add in terms of reduced costs, more favorable purchasing conditions, or improved scheduling and logistics. Another key motivation for pursuing a single-source buying arrangement may be the buyer’s desire to forge a closer business relationship with the fastener supplier in order to achieve key strategic or operational advantages.

All-Pro Fasteners, Inc., of Arlington, Texas, has developed a free comprehensive whitepaper covering the topic of single-source procurement of fasteners and related products. The whitepaper discusses several important considerations and outlines key points to evaluate during the decision-making process.

The whitepaper is available at

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