Posted January 3, 2020

Viega announces winter training schedule

Classes to be held in Colorado and New Hampshire.

Viega, LLC has announced its Winter 2020 lineup of courses at its seminar centers in Broomfield, Colo., and Nashua, N.H.

The offerings include topics from commercial piping solution to radiant design and LoopCAD. With two fully equipped state- of-the-art seminar centers, Viega is an industry leader in supporting the trades and helping contractors become more versatile, skilled and efficient. To date, more than 40,000 people, from self-employed contractors to employees of large firms, have taken courses at the centers.

The classes are taught by experts with years of experience in the field and offer ample hands-on experience. Attendees leave with skills and knowledge that will show immediate benefits on the job.

Training seminars are listed below:

Radiant Design, Piping and Controls

  • Jan. 27-29, Nashua, N.H.; March 3-5, Broomfield, Colo.

Covers design theory and practice, piping arrangements and control strategies. Includes hybrid systems, multiple temperature piping arrangements and system component placement.


  • Feb. 11-12, Nashua; Jan. 22-23, Broomfield

How to use LoopCAD software for radiant design and layouts. Covers heat loss, drawing layout, material selection and snow melt.

Commercial Piping Solutions

  • March 18-19, Nashua; March 3-4, Broomfield

Covers Viega systems and products and their appropriate uses. Includes PureFlow, ProPress and MegaPress; hybrid systems; installation techniques; project savings; hands-on installation and competitive information.

Hydronics 101 & Radiant Systems

  • March 3-4, Nashua; Jan. 16-17, Broomfield

Provides a basic understanding of how hydronic systems work. Topics include methods of heat transfer, piping materials and components, control strategies and installation methods.

Carbon Steel Press Technology

  • Jan. 13, Nashua

Covers the use of carbon steel press systems for residential, commercial and industrial piping applications.

Stainless Steel Press Technology

  • Feb. 20, Nashua

Covers the use of stainless steel press systems for commercial and industrial plumbing, heating and piping applications. Properties and chemical compatibility of 304 and 316 stainless steel will be covered.

Press Technology for Fuel Gas Piping

  • Feb. 3, Broomfield

Covers the use of carbon steel press systems for fuel gas piping in residential, commercial and industrial applications. Fuel types such as natural gas, LP gas, diesel, fuel oil and kerosene and their implications in NFPA 54 will be covered.

NFPA 13D Fire Sprinkler

Covers NFPA 13D requirements, system design, installation concerns and energy code compliance.

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