Posted January 13, 2020

Survey: Which contractor jobs are the hardest?

Contractors and consumers ranked 32 different types of contractor work.

With DIY home renovations on the rise and heavily edited home improvement shows blurring the line between reality and entertainment, it’s easy for everyday Americans to misunderstand how much physical labor and hard-earned skill is required for most contractor jobs.

The question remains: What sort of work is most physically grueling and what’s hardest to learn and master?

CraftJack recently surveyed 1,609 contractors and 652 consumers, asking them to rank 32 different types of contractor work from most physically demanding to least as well as the trades most difficult to master.

Here's what they found: 

  • Both consumers and contractors resoundingly agree that roofing and demolition are the most physically demanding trade jobs
  • Consumers and contractors also agreed that electrical, carpentry and HVAC are the three toughest trades to learn and master
  • Of all the trades, painters most frequently said their job is the most physically demanding. Flooring contractors said their specialty was the most difficult to master

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